European Shore Championship 2019 • Akureyri 1st-4th May • Newsletter no. 4 Prenta út
Skrifað af Helgi Bergsson   
Mánudagur, 15 Apríl 2019 07:50


The European Shore Championship 2019 will be held from Akureyri, North-Iceland 1st May to 4th May.




Entries for the Championship. There are 56 anglers competing in the Shore Championship from 7 Sections; England (11), Germany (8), Iceland (5), Ireland (10), Netherlands (8), Scotland (6) and Wales (8).


Fishing rules. See below. A maximum of two hooks are allowed with minimum size of 14 mm.


The point system. The Championship is a Shore Championship with unlimited amount of fish to count for points. The calculation of each day result is done by adding the total running length of your fish with the number of your fish multiplied with a constant of five (Total length of fish + No. of fish x 5 = Total fish points of the day).


The fish to catch. Cod, Coalfish, Haddock, Dab, Catfish (Wolf fish) and Whiting. We expect to fish few Shorthorn Sculpin (Scorpion fish), Rough Dab, Flounder, Halibut and Plaice and maybe some Thorny Ray, Redfish and Pollock.


The zones, the fishing and the bait. Zones. We will fish from 5 zones; A, B, C, D and E and your place will be drawn at the registration Wednesday 1st May. Fishing. Put all your fish into your bucket. You do not need to bleed the fish. The shore Stewards will measure and write your fish down on the Scorecard and take care of the fish. If the fish is live able it will be released. The winner of a zone each day is the angler with the most fish points that day. Bait. Blueye and/or Mackerel.


The fishing spots and clothing. We will be fishing from three different spots: Nearby the center of Akureyri, from the piers in Akureyri and from a nearby village of Hjalteyri. Information which spot we will be fishing will be announced at the registration or at the start of each fishing day. The fish is both close to shore and further. You do not have to be a super caster to fish. Sometimes it is even better to fish closer to the shore. There can be a bit of seaweed few meters out so try to lift your fish from the bottom when pulling in. It can be cold and windy in early May in Iceland. Bring warm cloths and boots.


The practice spots. There are two main practice spots, one at Svalbardseyri about 9 km from Akureyri and the other at Dalvik 45 km from Akureyri. More info see the maps at registration.


Waders and the beaches. You do not need waders as we will be fishing from mainly rocky beaches therefore good footwear is recommended. From the first spot Drottingarbraut or nearby the center of Akureyri and from the piers in Akureyri you can´t wade. Just pull in your fish from the peg where you are fishing from. From the third one (Hjalteyri) only from one of the five zones it is possible to wade. There is a little change you need to wade.


Teams. It is free of charge to register into teams. The drawing into teams will be done with blind draw at registration on Wednesday 1st May.


The winner of the Championship. If two anglers are with the same total zone points for all the fishing days then the fish points will decide who is the winner. If two anglers are with the same total zone points and the same fish points, then the number of fish will decide who is the winner.


The Awards and Prizes. Beside the Medals and the Pins (see below) there will be awards.


Tackle shops. There are two tackle shops in Akureyri or Veiðiríkið at Óseyri 2 and Veiðihornið at Kaupvangsstræti 2.


EFSA uniform and the Gala Dinner. You must wear EFSA uniform at the Prize giving Ceremony and at the Gala dinner. The menu at the Gala dinner is a starter or Mushroom soup with freshly baked bread and butter. Smoked salmon with cold dressing. The maincourse is Lamb with red wine sauce. Pork with pepper sauce. Icelandic fish - catch of the day. Sweet potato salad, mixed with cashewnuts. Vegetarian dish a la chef. Mixed salad. Oven-roasted vegetables. Icelandic potatoes. The desert is Apple cake with whipped cream. Skyr dessert, a la chef. Coffee and tea.


Protest Committee. Phil Lusting, EFSA HQ and EFSA Wales chairman, Helgi Bergsson, EFSA Iceland, Warren Doyle, EFSA Ireland, Miranda Koop, EFSA Netherlands and Paull Curtice, EFSA England. Protest Committee meetings to be held at Hotel Kjarnalundur the HQ hotel.