EFSA Iceland Open 2017. Olafsvik 25th to 27th May. Prenta út Senda hlekk á þessa síðu til vinar
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EFSA Iceland Open 2017 was held from Olafsvik West-Iceland from 24th to 27th May with 46 anglers from 6 Sections; England (18), Ireland (11), Scotland (5), Iceland (9),  Belgium (2) and Russia (1). The venue was planned as three days of fishing with the first two days to be fished by the EFSA HQ rules i.e. species championship, with max. 10 fish in each specie. On the third day the target was big Cod and Coalfish with unlimited numbers in these species and fish over 90 cm. gave the most points or 20 points. Cod and Coalfish of size 75 to 90 cm. gave 8 points, 60 to 75 cm. gave 3 points and 45 to 60 cm. gave only 1 point each fish.

In the venue there were 11 boats with three to five anglers on board of each and the skippers were all local professional fishermen. On the first fishing day Thursday 25th the boats could not go out due to bad weather. The second day Friday 26th the anglers fished for species and on the third day Saturday 27th for big Cod and Coalfish. Fishing hours were 6 each day and the total catch for the two days was 2.100 fish that counted and 9 species; Cod, Coalfish, Haddock, Dab, Redfish, Whiting, Catfish (Wolf fish), Ling and Plaice.


Individual overall. 1. place. Kim Bowden, England with 200%, 692 points, and 74 fish. 2. place. Roy Shipway, Ireland with 200%, 422 points and 44 fish. 3. place. Robbie Robertson with 200%, 323 points and 43 fish.

Lady: 1. place. Patricia Shortt, Ireland with 188.66%, 449 points and 50 fish.

Two man team. 1. place. Pete Baily, England and Rod Adamson, Russia with 394.57%, 2. place. Colin Searles, England and Steve Bachelor, England with 378.38%. 3. place. Roy Shipway, Ireland and Terry Carolan, Ireland with 373.73%.

Four man team. 1. place. Kim Bowden, Richard Russel, Colin Searles and Steve Bachelor all from England with 722.92%. 2. place. Barrie Senior, Neil Cottington, Pete Bailey from Englan and Rod Adamson from Rusia with 718.50%. 3. place. Andy Smith, Alan Bird, Ken Smith and Duncan Beck all from England with 656.87%.

The biggest fish was a Cod of 122 cm. Angler Ray Mackay, Scotland.

The venue was held in preparation for the EFSA Boat Championships 2018 to be held from Olafsvik from 26th May to 1st June 2018.

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