European Boat Championship 2018 Olafsvik Iceland 28th May to 1st June Prenta út Senda hlekk á þessa síðu til vinar
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Welcome to Olafsvik for the European Boat Championship to be held from 28th May to 1st June 2018 and organized by EFSA Iceland. A total of 138 anglers are fishing in the venue from 15 Sections; Belgium, England, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Portugal, Scotland, South-Africa, South-Africa LTB, Switzerland.



The EFSA Standing Committee Meeting (SCM) will be held in the Klif Community House Sunday 27th and starts at 09:30.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will follow the SCM.

The EFSA HQ meeting will be held at the Fisherman’s museum in Hellissandur Saturday 26th May and starts at 20:00 (contact Skarphedinn Asbjörnsson EFSA Fisheries Officer tel. +354 852 6662).

The meeting for the skippers will be held in Hotel Olafsvik Saturday 26th May and starts at 18:00.

The meeting for the Fishing Captains will be held in Hotel Olafsvik Saturday 26th May and starts at 20:00.

The Flag Parade will start from the Fish Market Ennisbraut 34 in the town center, Sunday 27th May at 14:00. Assemble for the parade at 13:00-13:30. We will walk to the Community House Klif where the Opening Ceremony, the Prize giving Ceremony and the Gala dinner will be held. At the Opening Ceremony EFSA Iceland will invite you all to taste the traditional Icelandic meat (lamb) soup.

The boats: We are using small boats 4 to 6 anglers on a boat with professional skippers. Most of the skippers speak English. The boats will go out from two harbours Olafsvik and Rif (6 km from Olafsvik) and there will be a bus transporting anglers between the harbours.

The boat draw: The boat draw is changed from the draw last April. See the list in the information paper which boats you are on.

The fishing: The fish has to be killed by bleeding and brought onshore. You will be provided with a bucket onboard for your fish. When the skipper has written your fish down on the Scorecard the fish is put into the common box. If you got more than 10 fish in specie, fish no. 11 is put directly into the common box. Longest fish does always count, e.g. if fish no. 11 is longer than fish no. 10 you can replace a fish. The skipper will help you bleed the fish if you want to. If you got a record fish or if it is your personal record you can tag it (you will be provided with fish tags) and bring it onshore for measuring.

Bait: We will be using Mackerel and Squid as bait. No points for bait fish or Herring.

Fishing Captain: The role of the Fishing (Angling) Captain and his main tasks, see the info in the information paper.

Teams: The 2 man and 4 man teams, see the list in the information paper.

Tackle shop: There is no tackle shop in Olafsvik but one of our members is selling limited items of tackle. Contact Kibbi (Kristbjörn Rafnsson), tel. +354 899 5634. Each angler will get free of charge two leads, 200 gr. and 400 gr.

The spouse tour: By invitation of EFSA Iceland starting from the HQ Hotel in Olafsvik at 09:00 Tuesday 29th May, by minibus to Stykkisholmur, a “Vikingsushi” tour with sailing for about 2 1/2 hours around the islands in Breidafjordur enjoying the environment, watch whales and sea birds and eat some tasty seafood onboard.

Issued on 20th May 2018

EFSA Iceland Organizing Committee

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