Olafsvik • Iceland 2022. EFSA European Species Championship Prenta út Senda hlekk á þessa síðu til vinar
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EFSA Species Championship 2022 will be held from Thursday 26th May to Saturday 28th May from Olafsvik, West-Iceland fishing for big Cod and Coalfish. The venue will be fished to the EFSA rules.

Thursday 26 May Registration

18:00 Registration at Klif, Olafsvik

20:00 Opening Ceremony at Klif, Olafsvik

Friday 27 May Cod and Coalfish

06:30 Assemble at Pier Olafsvik

07:00 Boats depart for fishing grounds

08:00 Lines down

14:00 Lines up

16:00 All boats must be in harbour

19:00 Days results displayed

Saturday 28 May Cod and Coalfish

06:30 – 16:00 Same as Friday

19:00 Days results displayed

20:00 Presentation of awards

21:00 Gala Dinner at Klif, Olafsvik

Entry fee ISK 50.000. Bait included. Registration before 28th February 2021. Registration into 2man and 4man Teams free of charge. Price for Gala Dinner ISK 7.000.

Point system: Cod and Coalfish 35-55 cm. 1 points, Cod and Coalfish 56-75 cm. 4 points, Cod and Coalfish 76-100 cm. 15 points, Cod and Coalfish 101 cm or longer 50 points. All other fish 0 point. Unlimited fishing.

The times and programme are subject to alteration at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.

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