Olafsvik 2022 – EFSA European Species Championship Prenta út Senda hlekk á þessa síðu til vinar
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Laugardagur, 16 Apríl 2022 20:15

There are 69 anglers competing in the EFSA European Species Championship in Olafsvik, Iceland 26th-28th May 2022, from 10 Sections or: South Africa 4, Scotland 11, Gibraltar 8, Germany 1, Belgium 2, England 20, Wales 3, Portugal 4, Ireland 6 and Iceland 10. Of those 69 there are 3 ladies (from Gibraltar, Ireland, and Iceland). The boat draw will be done at the end of April and sent out soon after that. Practice boats will be available on Thursday 26th with morning session and afternoon session. Registration of teams (2man and 4man) has started. The Organizing Committee will help find teammates if necessary.

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